A Guide to buying the Best Replica Watches 


Choosing a replica watch is not all that different, then choosing an original watch, if you leave out the part where you save thousands of dollars of course. Yes, there might be slightly more things to consider, but in the end, you save lots of cash but still look like you spent a fortune on your appearance.

Now, from a practical point of view, buying replica watch is maybe even handier, if you don’t have $20.000 dollars laying around:

  • they look just as amazing as the original
  • they don’t gouge a hole in your pocket
  • the quality is still 10 times better than any average mass-consumer watch.

If you are looking for the best place to buy replica watches, you will have to comb through a bunch of websites, before you find the one, worth looking at, that won’t rip you off and will deliver on their promises.

But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. First, let’s take a look at all the aspects that need to be considered before getting that best Rolex replica.

Know what you want

Before going into detail researching on who makes the best replica watches and top 10 replica watch sites you need to know exactly what you want.

Here is a list of things you need to have an answer to:

  • What’s the brand you want to own – Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, the list goes on and on. Make sure you choose the one that fits you best – your job, your personality. Believe it or not, a choice of the watch can say a lot about a person. Do your homework on what each brand represents and what kind of people wear it, in order to make the desired impression.
  • What’s the model that suits you best –  It’s not all about the outfit and look in general. It’s also about the built – not every model of the watch, even the most expensive one, can look good on your wrist. So before you go online and start searching for the model you want, make sure it looks good on you. Visit a retail shop, even the one that has the original product, and try it on. Only after you made sure that Rolex Daytona, let’s say, is a perfect fit for you, you go online and get it.
  • What’s the price range you can afford – obviously the original is too expensive, but believe it or not, the price range for Patek replica, for example, is very diverse. So before you even decide to get one, know how much you can pay for it, and start there.
  • What’s the timeframe of getting your best Swiss replica – in case you need it tonight, clearly you need to find a retailer with a physical shop in your area or an online store in your area, that has same-day delivery. However, if you have some time to spare, make sure you find something worthy, and don’t rush into a purchase without doing your fair share of due diligence.

Who sells the best replica watches

Now, when you know exactly what you want, you can focus on the who of the problem, and see where you can get that best Rolex replica, that will be a perfect fit for your wrist, complete your outfit, and help make just the right impression.

We can look at this aspect from different angles:

  • Country of production
  • Retailer
  • Manufacturer

Country of Production 

When it comes to counterfeit products in general, and watches are no exception, China is probably the biggest manufacturer. Somehow they mastered the art of copying and even making things better.

Believe it or not, not all Chinese copies are bad, and some of them are even so good, that to the untrained eye, it will be hard to tell the difference.

However, if you don’t speak, or better read, Mandarin, your chances of getting that high quality Rolex replica from a reliable and trustworthy retailer are close to zero.

Fortunately, there are many other places that make great replica watches and are worth looking into, for example, Japan. Great quality and service are guaranteed. Even if you found a retailer who gets their product from Japan, you know they paid the extra dime to get their products from a high-end manufacturer.


When it comes to retailers, there are many great stores that offer fake watches for sale. However, they all need to have some things in common.

Here are a few aspects every trusted replica watch sites need to:

  • Have a safe site

Have you ever noticed that little lock next to the URL of a website? Well that little lock tells you, that the website is safe to be on, all the information you give is encrypted and secure, plus there is no middle man between you and the website, that can steal your identity and data. So finding trusted replica watch sites is the key to safe and great shopping experience.

  • Have a safe payment system

Payment has always been a sore spot for eCommerce business in general since people commonly have a hard time trusting online stores they have never heard of before with their credit card information. We all heard the horrors of identity theft, and even worse, assets theft. You may think you are paying for, let’s say, replica ap watch when, in reality, all your money is being drained from your account. To avoid that, many people turn to such payment methods as PayPal, for example, where none of the sensitive information is being accessed and you can be sure that the transaction is safe.

  • Have contact information that you can check and verify

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. You should always check the contact information the website is giving you, to make sure that the store actually exists. If provided, you can check their registration number, address on Google maps and call the phone number.

  • Offer additional perks

    Some retailers offer free delivery, discounts, loyalty programs, 24/7 customer support, return policy. Some even offer a warranty on their knock off watches. I mean if someone is going as far as to offer a warranty on their fake watches for sale, and even offer return possibility for 100% money-back, you know they are serious and can be trusted.

  • Provide you with the info on what other people say

    These are the reviews left by the customers. You better believe that if the client is angry about something, they will most definitely tell the world about it. Just like that, when someone is very happy with their purchase, they also like to share that information. You can trust and build on those past experiences of others, to judge if the retailer is worth your time or not. No one will probably have only positive reviews, but if the good ones outweigh the bad ones by much, you know you can add that one to the shortlist.

There are much more things the retailer can offer, and trust us when we say, the more perks you are offered, of course in the circumstances, when all the above-mentioned safety conditions are met, the better.